1. Biking:
In Fort Pierce there are many places to bike ride.Some you might not be aware of that offer hidden gems along its paths of serenity. If you're just starting out or not sure where to start, the River Walk Center is a great place to offload your bike, and pedal away. Located at 600 N Indian River Dr, River Walk Center or Veterans Memorial Park is seated along our beautiful Indian River where a pathway resides for you to enjoy. Parking is available, and the view is spectacular; you're also right near the South Causeway bridge that many enjoy biking over, cautiously. If you're a long distance biker, you can continue your trek towards the beautiful jetty with purposeful stops along the way. South Beach Causeway is at the foot of the bridge where beach-goers gather to soak up the rays and cool off in the river. Facilitated with restrooms and a water fountain, you can make a quick stop for a break while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Sidewalks continue to wind as you head east to Jetty Park just in case you wanted to view the irresistible jetty.

2. Hiking:
Fort Pierce has a few nature trails hidden on North Hutchinson Island as well as out west of town. One of our favorites on the list is George LeStrange Preserve just south of Selvitz. Rd. This 94-acre site includes a one-mile hiking trail surrounding the 37-acre "catch-and-release" lake. A canoe launch provides access to the lake. (Electric motors and paddles only.) There is also an additional one-mile interpretative trail.  St. Lucie always lists guided hikes so be sure to check out the link, you might even find a few more spots to try. http://www.stlucieco.gov/departments-services/a-z/environmental-resources/guided-hikes

3. Fishing:
Fort Pierce is recognized as one of the best places to fish on the Treasure Coast. With one of the best all-weather inlets, miles of unspoiled coastlines, and pristine water, Fort Pierce is home to a thriving ecosystem for marine life. It's not rare to find fishermen lined up on our beaches with lines running into the surf; likewise seeing our piers like the Melody Lane Fishing Pier packed during all times of the day as fishermen patiently wait for the big catch. It was a no-brainier to add fishing to our adventure list for 2018. Good luck, tight lines and enjoy that fresh salty air.

4. Kayaking:
Authentic Florida is easily found in our backyard. From our historic buildings and unique eateries to hiking under mossy oaks or fishing the Indian River, all can be inexpensively enjoyed right here in Fort Pierce. At www.FortPierceTours.com, you can find an array of things to dive into, but may we suggest, kayaking!? It's relaxing, peaceful, the scenery is picturesque. The marine life such as manatees and dolphins are within arms reach while cruising the river. Egrets gather in the mangroves waiting for bait fish to swim close. Osprey perch in the trees, over looking the water. Sandbars surface when the tide recedes, welcoming anyone to dock their vessel, and shuffle their feet along as they walk in awe of the marine life. It is well worth a trip considering the few things named that you will see on your adventure.

5. Walking:
An easy one, right? But where to walk to get the most out of your view can be tricky. Located at 52 Savannah Road, the Indian Hills Recreation Area is a new recreation and stormwater treatment project with additional passive recreational opportunities. Besides the surrounding water, mossy oaks, and palm trees, this recreation area has a one mile long walkway that takes you straight through the heart of it all. Along the path are simple exercise equipment on one side of the park in case you want to add a few pull-ups to your routine. On the other side of Indian Hills are docks for small craft launching such as kayaks and paddle boards, and pavilions with ready made sitting. You can catch your breath under the shade or take it all in during a lunch break. There is plenty of parking on either side of the park, and dogs and friendly pets are welcomed.