Day 2 of Free fun!

Each year in May to October, our beaches come alive at night with mother sea turtles seeking to lay their eggs. The 200 to 350 pound mother turtle strolls up the sand dune in search of the perfect place to begin her evening work. She works effortlessly to create a hole in the sand, and fills it with about 100 ping-pong size eggs. After completing her task, she rests; slowly regaining her strength, she fills in the hole with sand, and tirelessly crawls back into the ocean leaving behind the mound, and her tracks.

We rarely catch glimpses of these magnificent creatures in their natural habit. If you’re boating offshore or relaxing on the beach, you can sometimes witness the backs of their shells popping up for air; however, these quiet peaceful creatures mainly stay below the surface, swimming gracefully about.

Turtle watching is such a unique experience that we had to make this day 2 of our free fun things to do this summer. For more information about registering for a free night watch, visit or call the St. Lucie Power Plant at 888-646-6396 for your reservation.