It’s Sunday – one of the more relaxing days of the week, but for our Day 5 of free fun, you might have to set your alarm unless you’re an early bird. Sunrise watching on the Jetty is something that words cannot describe. Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve walked along the Jetty path, sat down on one of the benches and watched as the sun breaks the horizon and glimmers on the Atlantic Ocean. 


Fort Pierce is nothing short of sunshine, beaches, and relaxation. It’s one of the reasons why we fall in love with our charming little town. Any given morning (except for occasional cloudy days), you can see the beautiful sun peeking up over the palm trees and shining down on our lovely city. If you’re up early enough, there are plenty of spots on along North and South Hutchinson that provide a clear view of the morning sun. However, whether you’re selfie taker, photographer, or just want to enjoy the majestic sunrise peacefully, there’s no doubt the Jetty Inlet is the ultimate breath-taker. The Jetty Inlet Park has available parking, paved walkways, accommodating seating and is surrounded by pristine waters which makes the Jetty a prime spot for sunrise watches amongst other daily activities. For our Day 5 of free fun, we invite you to take a trip out to the Jetty Inlet, snap a few sunrise shots and enjoy! Feel free to send us your sunrise pictures through Facebook at