Most of us have heard about Inlet State Park, Pepper Park, and South Beach Causeway, which are all wonderful, but what about the small hidden ones along the shore? If you’re looking for sunshine and sea shells Gulfstream Beach is a neat little beach off of South A1A. A sandy path guides you through the sea oats to the beach where there are plenty of shells, clear water, and sunshine. Keep in mind that this private little oasis has no lifeguard on duty.

Our other stop is on the North side of the inlet. Queen’s Island Beach is just off the road and can be easily missed if you’re not looking for it. This beach is one of the quieter places to enjoy. The sand can seem a little softer and the shells are a bit more spaced out than on South Beach. It’s an ideal place for long walks, or simply enjoying the low tide which differs from its sister shore. Be sure to bring plenty of water, sunblock, and prepare for a relaxing day at any of our picture-perfect beaches.