South Beach Causeway is one of the best places to enjoy a hot summer afternoon, but it is a spectacular spot for an evening sunset. With an opened channel running east to west and boaters moving freely about, South Beach Causeway creates the perfect backdrop for a colorful sunset. You might even see a sailboat or two casting a silhouette against the orange sun creating a beautiful portrait.

Jaycee Park located just off of South A1A is an incredible place for sunsets. Why? There’s nothing like enjoying your summer day under the pavilions at Jaycee Park, and having a cookout with friends and family. A day filled with splashing around in the lagoon, watching the kids play on the slides, and topping it off with the westerly sun sinking in the background is priceless! Unlike some other areas for sunset watching, the river side of Jaycee Park has a full view of the Indian River. The whole sky is lit with shades of blues, purples, and oranges and the best part is watching the rays dance off the water.