Have questions about the Scavenger Hunt? We’ve got you covered!

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Does each member of my team need to register?

No, only one member from each team needs to register. Please provide the number of people in your team so we have an accurate count.

Do we need to have a team name?

Yes, that is how you'll sign in on the night of the hunt. Names can be creative or not... we'll leave that up to you.

I participated last year - is it the same hunt?

No, this is not the same hunt as last year. We have new clues and challenges at each stop.

How long will the hunt take?

We anticipate that it will take approximately one hour, but that is determined by the team's speed of figuring out each clue and participating in each challenge.

Is there a certain skill level required?

No, just have fun!

Is a car required to participate?

No, the clues are within walking distance of each other so please wear comfortable shoes. Those wishing to drive their vehicle are certainly welcome to do so.

Where do we meet?

The starting area is 100 North US 1, Fort Pierce on the top floor of the parking garage